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Artificial Intelligence – Part 2

The development of AI and its integration into society has created an intimate relation between us and data-based technologies. In this talk Gabriela will give an overview of the different areas of concern of the Ethics of AI as a discipline, including topics like Machine Ethics, Data Ethics, and Robot Human Interaction. She will go on to present some of the current challenges of integrating ethics into these disruptive technologies.

Graphic: head with computer-like motifs inside and linked to a silhouette head
Capgemini. Copyright © 2021 

Gabriela Arriagada Bruneau is a PhD candidate by the Inter-disciplinary Ethics Applied Centre (IDEA) and the Leeds Institute for Data Analysis (LIDA) at the University of Leeds. MSc in Philosophy, University of Edinburgh. Director of Applied Ethics for the Think Tank “Thinking Network” (Pensar en red) in Chile. Her work is mostly focused on fairness, bias, explicability, and interpretability in Data Science and AI. She is also interested in gender discrimination and feminist approaches to understand these issues.

Recording of the talk:

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