The Society makes grants both to individuals and to organisations in support of cultural and scientific activities which increase innovation, outreach and diversity in Leeds and its immediate area. It also supports local museums and galleries and publications relating to the city.

About the Society

The Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society, founded in 1819, is a charity that promotes interest in science, literature and the arts – in the city of Leeds and beyond. We have meetings, lectures, entertainments, publications and visits.

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Charity details

The Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society Ltd is a registered charity, registration number 224084, and is a company limited by guarantee, company number 177204. It is governed by its memorandum and articles of association adopted 2 July 1997, replacing the memorandum and articles of 1921.

The Society’s postal address is: c/o Leeds City Museum, Cookridge Street, Leeds LS2 8BH.

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