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We wish to express our condolences to the family and colleagues of John Roles, Director of Leeds Museums. John was recently awarded honorary life membership of the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society (LPLS) in recognition of his major contributions to the public life of the city together with the wider understanding and enjoyment of the sciences and arts in Leeds. We are very grateful for all his admirable hard work and enthusiasm in building a successful and ongoing relationship between LPLS and the city's museums.

If you missed last week’s Priestley Lecture - ‘Edward Jenner - the Man Who Changed the World’ by Professor Gareth Williams, University of Bristol, you can watch it on You Tube by clicking here - with news breaking each week about vaccines against Covid-19, this year’s Priestley Lecture has never been more timely - and not to be missed!

News of our next lecture in January 2021
Professor Julian Rushton to talk about Beethoven...more details soon, watch this space