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LPLS hits the airwaves! Click here to listen to Rachael Unsworth @LeedsTours of Leeds City Walking Tours tell the story of LPLS and its role in shaping the cultural life of Leeds.
And click here to download a copy of our latest annual review containing summaries of all this past year's talks - including why blood is red and grass is green, climate science, and how some blobs won Leeds a Nobel prize!

In the absence of live events during the current pandemic, we offer here a series of fascinating lectures ... just read on ...

Curious to know the connection between Hans Christian Andersen & virology? If you missed Dr. Neeraja Sankaran’s C. Michael Mellor lecture ‘Fantastic Microbes and Where to Find Them’ then click here to watch & learn at your leisure.

Or -click here to give the grey matter a lockdown workout with our latest quiz.

And if you're intrigued to know how the Leeds woollen industry helped unlock the secrets of DNA, the material of heredity? Or how a computer in Leeds that uses the flow of water instead of electricity, to model the economy, these are just some of the intriguing questions answered in 'The History and Philosophy of Science in 20 Objects' - just click here to find out more...

Plus - we are delighted to announce that, when normal life resumes - our two new booklets 'From Dark Satanic Mills to DNA: How Science in Leeds Changed the World' and 'William Gascoigne - Leeds Astronomer' will be on sale in the gift shop at Leeds City Museum - watch this space for more details...