The Society makes grants both to individuals and to organisations in support of cultural and scientific activities which increase innovation, outreach and diversity in Leeds and its immediate area. It also supports local museums and galleries and publications relating to the city.

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The Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society, founded in 1819, is a charity that promotes interest in science, literature and the arts – in the city of Leeds and beyond. We have meetings, lectures, entertainments, publications and visits.

1 April 2021

An intriguing connection between LPLS and the Red Planet…???

A Martian sundial might well sound as if it has come straight from some H.G. Wells or Jules Verne-inspired steampunk fantasy, but Leeds astronomer and former President of the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society Charles Whitmell (1849-1919) did actually once build such a device. Now, over a century later, a similar timepiece is being carried over the surface of Mars by NASA’s Perseverance Rover as it hunts for signs of life on the Red Planet after its landing on 18th February 2021. As we move into our third century, the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society is delighted to be reaching beyond Yorkshire and to the stars.

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