The Society makes grants both to individuals and to organisations in support of cultural and scientific activities which increase innovation, outreach and diversity in Leeds and its immediate area. It also supports local museums and galleries and publications relating to the city.

About the Society

The Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society, founded in 1819, is a charity that promotes interest in science, literature and the arts – in the city of Leeds and beyond. We have meetings, lectures, entertainments, publications and visits.

2015 Annual Review

Includes Reports on Society Events and Grant-funded projects for the year end: 2015

The Louis Le Prince Archive 

  • Louis Le Prince and the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society
  • The acquisition of the archive
  • The digitisation of the archive

Society Events in 2015 

  • What is life and how did it begin?
  • Firework Displays
  • Leeds’ Forgotten Modernist: John Clifford Proctor
  • An Evening with Timothy Noad, heraldic artist and designer of coins and medals
  • John Fowler and his Steam Plough Works
  • Anne Clifford’s Great Books
  • Summer visit to Lincoln
  • Paul Ehrlich and the Invention of Modern Medicine 31 
  • Where there’s muck, there’s brass
  • Aldborough – the Roman town of Isurium Brigantum: New Perspectives

Reports received during 2015 on Grants awarded by the Society 

  • William Turton: Leeds and Horse Trams (book publication)
  • Digitisation of the Leeds Arts Calendar (1947-97)
  • Catholic Faith and Practice in England 1779-1992 (book publication) 
  • Art installation for The Hidden Diamond: The Many Facets of The Leeds Library
  • Design Costs of Scarcroft Then and Now: A History of the Village 
  • Re-articulation of Leeds Museums and Galleries’ Ostrich Skeleton
  • Performance of Philip Hayes’s oratorio The Judgment of Hermes 38 
  • Restoration of the Sibourne model of Waterloo at the 
  • Royal Armouries 
  • Otley Science Festival’s Family Science Fair 

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