17 October, 2018, 7:30 pm

‘Awake Brain Surgery & A Rubik’s Cube within a Rubik’s Cube’

Mr. Ryan Mathew FRCS(Neuro.Surg.)

University House, University of Leeds

Everyone Welcome

The treatment of brain tumours has benefited from technological advances such as tractography, fMRI, navigation and awake surgery. Despite this, outcomes remain poor and more research is desperately needed. Fundamental to this, is improving our understanding of the biological complexity of the disease – no two patients have the same tumours, and no two cells within a tumour are ever the same. Linking the clinic and the lab is crucial to making progress.

Ryan Mathew is a neurosurgeon at Leeds General Infirmary, and a Researcher at Leeds University. He works with Dr Heiko Wurdak’s Group, researching brain tumour stem cells, and tumour modelling. Ryan completed his medical degree, intercalated BSc (tissue engineering) and neurosurgical training at Leeds, before going on to undertake a PhD in glioma modelling. He also spent time as a visiting research collaborator at the Arthur and Sonia Labatt Brain Tumour Research Centre at The Hospital for Sick Children (Sickkids) in Toronto.