21 March, 2019, 2:00 pm

Leeds at the birth of the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society

Steven Burt

Leeds City Museum

All Welcome

Four years after celebrating Wellington’s success at the Battle of Waterloo, the residents of Leeds
were struggling to cope with post war problems of economic depression, high unemployment, poor standards of education and the difficulties of providing adequate health care. Despite such a bleak outlook some visionary members of the town’s élite decided to found the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society. This lecture attempts to illustrate what the town looked like in 1819, give some sense of the atmosphere on the streets, and show how they tackled the major challenges of the age.

Steven Burt is Chair of Thackray Medical Research Trust, Vice-President of the Thoresby Society, a Director of Leeds Sustainable Development Group, and a trustee of the Paul Thackray Heritage Foundation. He is former Museum Director of the Royal Armouries. He was born and bred in Leeds and has been communicating his enthusiasm for history and heritage to the widest possible audience through lecturing, teaching, research, writing and broadcasting.