The Leeds Philosophical
and Literary Society
Registered Charity  224084   Company Registered in England  177204   

Registered Office:  c/o Leeds City Museum, Cookridge Street, Leeds LS2 8BH


N.B.  The dates and times of some events may have to be changed;  please contact the Hon. Secretary, Dr. John Lydon (0113 3432874 or 0113 2785596) to confirm the details shown below. 

Lectures will be held in the School of Music, University of Leeds at 7.30 p.m. unless otherwise indicated




Events programme, 2015


Thursday 22nd January                       What is life and how did it begin?                 Terry Kee


Thursday 19th February                      Fireworks displays                             Tom Smith                 



Recent events in 2014


Wednesday 3rd December                  AGM, in University House;  and annual dinner: speaker:  Daru Rooke:  The Haunted Castle: a photographic tour of 19th century Cliffe Castle, Keighley.

            6.30 p.m.


Thursday 20th November                    The 2014 Joseph Priestley lecture, jointly with the Leeds Library and the Priestley Society:  Ben Russell: James Watt, engineer

                                                            and polymath.

                                                            In Mill Hill Chapel, City Square, Leeds. 


Thursday 16th October                        “An evening with …  Mike Green”.  Dinner, followed by a talk:  Berkeley Moynihan – surgeon, soldier, statesman (his contributions

                                                            to the Great War)      In University House.


Tuesday 23rd September                     Woodbine Willie: an unsung hero of World War I            Bob Holman


Saturday 6th September                      A natural history road show at the Discovery Centre, jointly with the Museum Service


Friday 18th July                                  Outing to Quarry Bank Mill and Jodrell Bank


Thursday 19th June                             Natural tissue scaffolds – off the shelf tissue transplants      Professor Eileen Ingham


Thursday 22nd May                             The Vale of York Hoard in its Viking context                        Professor Joyce Hill


Thursday 10th April                            John Atkinson Grimshaw event: 

                                                            6.00 p.m.  Plaque unveiling, in St George’s Field, by Mary Ferriss

                                                            6.30 p.m.  Reception and mini-exhibition in the University Art Gallery, jointly with the Art Gallery

                                                            7.30 p.m.  John Atkinson Grimshaw              talk by Eveleigh Bradford, in the University Music Department


Thursday 20th March                          Protein folding: nature’s origami                 Professor Sheena Radford


Saturday 15th March                           Science Fair, at Leeds City Museum.  11.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.


Thursday 20th February                      Meccano         Jim Gamble


Thursday 23rd January                        Putting Harrison in his place:  a lecture on the Harrison clock                        Dr Richard Dunn